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Victoria’s Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051

About Us

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent advisory body with three functions:

1) preparing a 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria, which we review and update every three to five years;
2) providing written advice to government on specific infrastructure matters;
3) publishing research on infrastructure related issues;

Infrastructure Victoria also supports the development of sectoral infrastructure plans by government departments and agencies. The aim of Infrastructure Victoria is to take a long-term, evidence-based view of infrastructure planning and inform community discussion about infrastructure provision. Infrastructure Victoria does not directly oversee or fund infrastructure projects.


Since Infrastructure Victoria released the state’s first 30-year infrastructure strategy in 2016, the Victorian Government has allocated billions of dollars in investment for new infrastructure; first to support population growth, and then in response to Victoria’s devastating bushfires and the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has produced record infrastructure investment on new transport, health, education, social housing and tourism infrastructure. Of the 137 strategy recommendations in the 2016 infrastructure strategy, over 90% have commenced or been completed

This updated 30-year strategy charts the next stage of Victoria’s infrastructure journey. It is the culmination of years of work, reflects the current environment, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and draws upon the input of thousands of Victorians. It makes recommendations to help achieve Victoria’s long-term objectives including enhancing productivity, building resilience, responding to climate change, and meeting the social and economic needs of Victorians so they can build flourishing, meaningful, and prosperous lives.

This strategy aims to help Victoria address existing infrastructure pressures, emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic and be prepared for the future. Our recommendations seek to better use existing infrastructure, manage demand on it, and help plan the timing and location of required and necessary new infrastructure

We build upon the recommendations and findings from our 2016 strategy while incorporating lessons from its development, as well as other recent developments. The updated strategy includes the extensive research and modelling we have conducted since, and findings from the advice we have provided to the Victorian Government. We have reviewed our earlier recommendations, and consulted widely with the community, industries, organisations, and governments. Our draft strategy engagement program included more than 25,000 website visits, 675 participants in consultation events, and received more than 200 formal, written submissions.

Importantly, this strategy goes beyond merely listing good, evidence-based infrastructure projects. It also makes many recommendations about changing the way Victorians use and manage infrastructure to get better results. Our integrated approach shows how actions in one infrastructure sector can provide benefits in others, or reduce the need to invest in them. Smarter use and management of infrastructure, combined with selecting and progressing strategic high-performance projects can keep infrastructure affordable, meet Victorians’ needs, and help achieve Victoria’s broader social, economic, and environmental goals.

We thank the thousands of people who provided the feedback, advice, research, modelling and evidence upon which this strategy is built. We commend this strategy to the Victorian Parliament and look forward to the Victorian Government’s response.

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Jim Miller
Chair, Infrastructure Victoria

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Michel Masson
CEO, Infrastructure Victoria

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