Major transport program strategic assessment report

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Key findings to inform Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021-2051

In this report, we assess six major transport projects. They are examined for their alignment with Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021-2051.

They are:

  • Road Management Systems
  • City Loop Reconfiguration and Northern Rail Corridor Upgrade
  • Cross City Motorway
  • Melbourne Metro Two and Direct Geelong Rail Services
  • Outer Metropolitan Ring Road
  • Western Rail Upgrade.

We look at how these projects improve access to jobs and services between the city, key precincts and outer suburban growth areas. We also consider how these projects encourage better use of existing assets and support other major transport projects.

We use our integrated transport and land use model to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of these projects. Developed by Infrastructure Victoria, it is the first of its kind in Australia.

Key findings

  • No single intervention can solve Melbourne’s transport and land use challenges.
  • The transport network is interconnected and a suite of solutions is required to address future transport challenges
  • These transport projects will provide more job opportunities and access to services for Victorians.

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Major transport program capital cost report


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