Community insights into Melbourne's buses

Bus with pedestrian crossing the road

What will it take for people to get on board? 

In this webinar, experts discuss people’s attitudes to Melbourne's bus system.

They discuss research findings from a study of more than 4,000 people. This is the largest known study into current community attitudes to the city’s buses. 

They talk about: 

  • the challenges facing the bus network 
  • why people don’t use buses 
  • the need for fair transportation 
  • how buses can reduce traffic congestion  
  • how the bus network could take the pressure off other forms of public transport. 

They also discuss how to improve Melbourne’s bus network so more people use it. 

This webinar is facilitated by Allison Stewart, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Victoria. 

The panel  

  • Anity Ganguly, Research Director, Quantum Market Research 
  • Peter Kartsidimas, Director Research and Policy, Infrastructure Victoria

Supporting documents

Get on board: making the most of Melbourne's buses

Infrastructure Victoria supporting evidence report


Engagement report