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Fast, frequent, fair

Infrastructure Victoria's report looks at how reform of Melbourne's bus network can give more people access to good public transport. It can also reduce traffic congestion and help cut transport emissions.

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Choosing Victoria's future

This Infrastructure Victoria report explores 5 urban development scenarios to test how Victorian cities could grow over the next 30 years.

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Public submissions on Victoria’s infrastructure strategy objectives

Read the public submissions on the objectives of the 2025 update to Victoria’s infrastructure strategy.

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Strategy objectives engagement report 2023

This report explains how Infrastructure Victoria connected with the community to shape the objectives of Victoria’s 2025-2055 infrastructure strategy.

Young people's forum

Community insights into Melbourne's buses

Infrastructure Victoria’s webinar explores community attitudes towards Melbourne’s buses.

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Corporate plan 2022-2027

Our corporate plan outlines our aspirations for the next five years and how we will deliver them.

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