Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy update

Street with bike lanes and cyclists riding

The 2025-2055 strategy update

In 2023, we asked Victorians to: 

  • help set the objectives for the 2025 strategy update
  • define the major infrastructure challenges and opportunities, and 
  • propose infrastructure options and policies that address them. 

More than 500 individuals, groups and organisations took part in a survey, stakeholder workshops and young people's forum

The Strategy objectives engagement report summarises what we heard in the first phase of engagement. 

Community and stakeholder feedback, along with technical assessments and further evidence, will inform Victoria's draft 30-year infrastructure strategy. 

Victorians can provide feedback on the draft strategy in early 2025. We will tell you how community and stakeholder input has shaped the objectives and strategy update.

We update the 30-year infrastructure strategy every 3 to 5 years. The strategy is tabled in the Victorian Parliament. The Victorian Government is required to respond to our recommendations. 

2023 – Public consultation on 30-year infrastructure strategy objectives

Early 2025 – Draft 30-year strategy released for consultation

Late 2025 – Final 30-year strategy tabled in Victorian Parliament

Fast, frequent, fair

Infrastructure Victoria's report looks at how reform of Melbourne's bus network can give more people access to good public transport. It can also reduce traffic congestion and help cut transport emissions.

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Choosing Victoria's future

This Infrastructure Victoria report explores 5 urban development scenarios to test how Victorian cities could grow over the next 30 years.

Melbourne city skyline from above