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These objectives specify the ultimate goals this strategy aspires to achieve. Infrastructure cannot accomplish them alone but can make a substantial contribution.

1: Prepare for population change

Victoria’s infrastructure meets new and shifting demands from a growing and changing population. Change will vary and occur in different ways including changing demographics, family structures, and cultural diversity.

2: Foster healthy, safe and inclusive communities

Victorians achieve and maintain good physical and mental health. They feel safe in their homes and communities, free from harm. They maintain social connections and participate in civic, cultural and community life.

3: Reduce disadvantage

All Victorians have the resources and capabilities for a good quality of life. They have equal access to opportunities regardless of their backgrounds, attributes or locations

4: Enable workforce participation

Victorians develop the capabilities, and have the opportunities, to engage in enough secure and meaningful work.

5: Lift productivity

Victorians can maintain a good standard of living from an economy boosted by enhanced skills, innovation, market access and efficient investment.

6: Drive Victoria’s changing, globally integrated economy

Victoria remains prosperous by staying attractive for trade and investment nationally and internationally, adapting to change and capitalising on economic opportunities.

7: Promote sustainable production and consumption

Victoria manages its resources sustainably, by minimising waste and preserving natural assets for future generations

8: Protect and enhance natural environments

Victoria protects natural environmental systems to preserve and enhance healthy, resilient and biodiverse ecosystems for future generations.

9: Advance climate change mitigation and adaptation

Victoria’s community and economy adapts to the impacts of climate change and achieves the legislated target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

10: Build resilience to shocks

Victoria can better prevent, respond to, and recover from shocks. Victoria is less vulnerable to economic, technological, biological, ecological, and geopolitical disruptions and emergencies.

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