Density done well

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Community engagement findings to support Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021–2051

This report explores community views of density done well. It shows Melbournians will embrace greater urban density if there is good access to public transport, quality urban design and green open space.

Victoria’s first 30-year infrastructure strategy recommended more development across established areas of Melbourne and regional cities. This makes better use of existing infrastructure and provides more home choices where people want to live.

We worked with a diverse group of residents from 3 established Melbourne suburbs: Footscray, Camberwell and Heidelberg. Our engagement highlights community priorities for increased density.

Key findings

  • Community participants agreed on 9 themes and supporting principles to guide density done well.
  • Priorities include quality urban design, good access to public transport, housing affordability and choice, green open space and walking and cycling options.
  • Participants had different views about what is good urban design but stressed build quality.
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