How Victoria's major cities could grow: 5 urban development scenarios

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With Victoria’s population expected to reach around 11 million people by 2056, how our cities grow will significantly impact the way we live, work, socialise and move around the state.

Our latest research, Choosing Victoria's future: 5 urban development scenarios explores 5 different urban development scenarios for Melbourne and our major regional cities and how each could shape the economy, environment and quality of life of Victorians.

The evidence shows Victoria’s cities need to be more compact and better connected to give more people access to jobs, services, and infrastructure. Victorians will benefit more from living closer together and near existing infrastructure in our capital and regional cities.

Our research makes 5 recommendations to the Victorian Government to help achieve more compact and connected cities. It also suggests ways to reduce some of the challenges that come with more compact urban development.

The future shape of Melbourne and our regional cities will have big impacts for our quality of life, the economy, and the environment as Victoria grows.

The panel

  • Infrastructure Victoria CEO Jonathan Spear
  • Deputy CEO Allison Stewart
  • Principal Economist Beth Finney