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03. Terms of reference

In April 2019 the Special Minister of State requested Infrastructure Victoria provide advice on the infrastructure required and the role of government to improve the performance of Victoria’s recycling and resource recovery sector.

The Government requested advice on the infrastructure required and the role of Government to:

  • Develop Victoria’s reprocessing sector for recycled material, particularly those that currently rely heavily on overseas markets, such as plastics.
  • Enable the use of products containing recycled materials in a variety of Victorian industries, such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture.
  • Support a waste-to-energy sector that prioritises the extraction of recyclable material and recovers energy only from residual waste.
  • Support high levels of resource recovery for organics, particularly food organics.

Infrastructure Victoria was asked to undertake comprehensive engagement with industry, the community, government, local government and other key stakeholders, draw on international comparisons and research, and develop its own modelling and analysis to inform the advice.

The advice was requested in two parts:

  1. An interim report, within six months of the request, setting out key early findings, significant risks or opportunities, and the proposed strategic direction of the final advice. The interim report was published in October 2019.
  2. A final report, supported by evidence and analysis, detailing potential infrastructure requirements for the recycling and resource recovery sector. The final advice will also consider the regulatory, policy and market settings that underpin the recycling and resource recovery sector and identify potential timing of infrastructure delivery.

The full terms of reference are on our website.

A note on methodology

To inform our advice, we commissioned and undertook detailed technical analysis across a range of subject matter areas. A summary of our approach to this work can be found in Section 8 of this report. All the analysis can be found in the full set of reports available at

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