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Can Victoria reach zero-waste?

Victoria has made good progress towards a zero-waste circular economy since changes in international markets saw large amounts of recyclables being stockpiled or sent to landfill.   Two years ago, Infrastructure Victoria made 13 recommendations to the Victorian Government focused on improving the collection and re-use of six priority materials including plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, […]

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Webinar: Waste and resource recovery – are we making progress towards a circular economy?

About this event: Over the past few years, Victoria has made good progress in waste and resource recovery, including through improved collection of priority materials, expanded recycling infrastructure capability and greater re-use of resources. Changes to policy settings that support greater diversion from landfill and international waste import restrictions, which heavily restricted the global trade […]

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Sustained action needed to drive Victoria’s gas sector transformation to net zero

  Immediate and sustained action by the Victorian Government to support proven, low carbon solutions including energy efficiency, targeted electrification, hydrogen and biogas is needed if Victoria’s gas sector is to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the state’s independent infrastructure advisory body says. “The gas sector we have today will need to look very […]

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Webinar: Gas infrastructure in a net zero emissions economy

  Towards 2050: Gas infrastructure in a net zero emissions economy More than two million household, business and industry gas customers rely on natural gas in Victoria. As the most gas-reliant state in the country, much of this due to our use of gas to heat homes and businesses in winter, Victoria is in a […]

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Reimagining the city – how can Melbourne get its buzz back?

About this event: As we look to recover from the COVID pandemic, there is an opportunity to reimagine how we plan for the future of the central city. More of us are working from home, more often, and this has contributed to changes in travel patterns and decisions around where we choose to live. It […]

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Rehab facilities can save lives and improve wellbeing in the regions

When a drug and alcohol rehab facility was announced for Mildura last month, the news was bittersweet for former mayor, Simon Clemence. His son Geoffrey had struggled for years with addiction to alcohol and other drugs, before tragically taking his own life in November 2019. In his two terms as mayor of Mildura Rural City […]

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From Maidstone to Macedon: tree changers embrace Victoria’s work from home evolution

  Senior business coordinator, Kara Clingan, moved from Gippsland to Melbourne at 18 years of age but always dreamed of making country Victoria her home again. Kara and her partner, Tyson Clingan, an environmental engineer, finally found a window of opportunity when the pandemic made working from home a forced experiment for many Victorian office […]

Tender could be just the ticket to transform Victoria’s transport network

Many of us value the convenience of being able to ‘tap and go’ and make quick and easy payments via smartphone or bank card, so much so we can’t imagine life without it. Similarly, we didn’t look back when rideshare services introduced in-app booking instead of having to use the phone or website, and taxis […]

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Why the city needs safe and more reliable alternatives to car usage

  Blaming bike lanes for traffic jams is flawed logic and ignores the lessons of ‘induced demand’. We can’t build our way out of congestion. Numerous traffic studies show that more road space for cars leads to more people driving, further clogging our roads – the induced demand effect. Understandably, people hate congestion – it’s […]

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