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Infrastructure Victoria Procurement activity plan 2018/19

The Procurement Activity Plan has been developed to provide a summary of forecast procurement activities during 2018/19. It is expected that each May/June when annual budgets are confirmed, the Procurement Activity Plan will be updated and re-published. The plan provides potential suppliers with an indication of likely procurements for Infrastructure Victoria in the 2018/19 financial year. Infrastructure Victoria will continue to look for marketplace solutions that are innovative, effective and deliver value for money.

You can view the procurement activity plan here

Infrastructure Victoria Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality register

Infrastructure Victoria maintains a gifts, benefits and hospitality policy to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high levels of integrity and public trust. The policy was developed to support behaviour consistent with the Code of Conduct for Victorian public sector employees.

The Gifts & Hospitality Register provides transparency of offers made to Infrastructure Victoria and its employees.

You can view the Gifts Benefits and Hospitality register here