Infrastructure Victoria is undertaking the first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria.

The community and stakeholders are active participants in the development of this strategy through consultation and engagement.

The draft 30-year strategy for Victoria has now been published and consultation has closed.

The final strategy will be released to parliament by end 2016.



Draft 30-year infrastructure strategy

Draft 30-year infrastructure strategy

The draft strategy presents draft recommendations. It is an opportunity to test Infrastructure Victoria’s advice. This includes testing our assumptions, evidence and arguments about the state’s infrastructure needs and priorities over the next 30-years.

Draft 30-year infrastructure strategy (PDF 19.18 MB)

Draft 30-year infrastructure strategy - accessible Word version (accessible word doc 3.8MB)

Draft options book version two (PDF 14.64 MB)

Your considered opinion (PDF 2.39 MB)

Appendix A Infrastructure Victoria's response to the metropolitan citizen jury recommendations (PDF 180.73 KB)

Appendix B Infrastructure Victoria's response to the regional citizen jury recommendations (PDF 126.22 KB)

The All things considered and Laying the foundations papers, We hear you consultation report and technical reports that were drawn upon in its development are available to view in the Infrastructure Victoria document library.


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