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Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria

Listen to Infrastructure Victoria’s Project Director Elissa McNamara and Sustainability Victoria’s Director of Resource Recovery Matt Genever as they chat about recycling and resource recovery in Victoria, the sector’s current challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.

About the advice

Infrastructure Victoria has been asked to provide advice to government on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria.

Recent changes in the waste industry mean there are impacts for how Victoria sorts and exports waste. With these changes come both challenges and opportunities, and we will explore these as part of our advice to government.

Specifically, the government is seeking advice on the infrastructure that would be required and the role for government in providing support to:

  • develop Victoria’s re-processing sector for recycled material, particularly those that currently rely heavily on overseas markets such as plastics
  • better enable the use of products containing recycled materials in a variety of Victoria industries, such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture
  • support a waste to energy sector that prioritises the extraction of recyclable material and recovers energy only from the residual waste (i.e. without diverting waste from reuse or recycling)
  • support high levels of resource for organics, particularly food organics.

Terms of reference provided by the Special Minister of State set out the scope of the advice in more detail.

Infrastructure Victoria’s advice to government is due in April 2020. An interim report is due to government in October 2019.

As set out in the terms of reference, Infrastructure Victoria will undertake comprehensive engagement with industry, the community, local government and other key stakeholders, draw on interstate and international comparators and research, and develop its own modelling and analysis to develop the advice.

Thank you to everyone who we have heard from in our initial phase of consultation, either through a submission or attending a workshop. We received feedback on a wide range of issues Infrastructure Victoria needs to consider in developing the advice and also existing research and evidence. Our consultation summary report summarises the key themes we have heard from April to July 2019.

There will be more opportunities to provide feedback as we develop our advice. To get in touch with the team, please email


April 2019

Victorian Government issues request for advice

October 2019

Infrastructure Victoria submits interim report

April 2020

Infrastructure Victoria submits final advice and recommendations to government

Recycling and resource recovery advice - Consultation summary April to July 2019
Terms of reference - Advice on Recycling and Resource Recovery Infrastructure