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Our research program

One of our core roles is to publish original research on infrastructure-related issues. Through our research, we aim to raise the bar for long-term, evidence-based infrastructure planning, as well as stimulate discussion within the community about important infrastructure issues.

Our research will also inform the update of the 30-year infrastructure strategy and provide crucial evidence to support our recommendations.

See a list of our current research below, or visit the Resources page to access all of our previous research reports.

How can you get involved?

We want to consider as many views as possible as we undertake our research. If you’d like to know more about Infrastructure Victoria’s research program please contact

Infrastructure Priorities for the Regions

The Infrastructure Priorities for the Regions research is developing a framework to identify, assess and prioritise infrastructure investments that enhance competitive strengths and address regional disadvantage.

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Fair Move: Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne

This new research looks at how to make Victoria’s public transport system cheaper, safer and fairer in the short to medium term and supports our ongoing research into the benefits of transport network pricing.

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Transport Network Pricing

Infrastructure Victoria’s research on transport network pricing examines ways to get the most efficient use out of the transport network.

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Water Governance

Infrastructure Victoria’s latest water governance report identifies options to improve water governance arrangements and make the most of valuable water resources.

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Infrastructure Provision in Different Development Settings

Infrastructure Victoria has published research on the cost issues associated with infrastructure supporting residential development in Melbourne and three regional cities.

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Regional Infrastructure Needs

Our Regional Infrastructure Needs research explores the economic, social and environmental strengths and challenges of regional Victoria.

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Metropolitan Infrastructure Needs

Our Metropolitan Infrastructure Needs research explores the economic, social and environmental strengths and challenges of metropolitan Melbourne.

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