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We released Victoria’s Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy on 9 December 2020.

The draft strategy takes an integrated, cross‐sectoral view of infrastructure planning, making 95 draft recommendations to the Victorian Government across both metropolitan and regional Victoria.

It presents a vision for a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Victoria over the next 30 years, aiming to:

  • Confront long-term challenges
  • Manage urban change
  • Harness infrastructure for productivity and growth, and
  • Develop regional Victoria.

Throughout 2020, Victorians have embraced new ways of living and working in the face of significant challenges. As the state emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, the draft strategy includes a dedicated focus on short-term, labour intensive, low cost measures the government should consider to assist Victoria’s social, environmental and economic recovery.

The draft strategy is for all Victorians. As well as outlining the infrastructure needs of Greater Melbourne, it includes 19 recommendations identifying the top infrastructure priorities for Victoria’s nine regions, informed by our latest research, Infrastructure Priorities for the Regions.

All Victorians were invited to provide feedback and help determine the infrastructure recommendations to be included in the final strategy.

Our community engagement program on the 30-year draft infrastructure strategy concluded on 26 February 2021. You can view the submissions here.

Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021-2051 will be tabled in the Victorian Parliament in mid-2021.

Additional videos:

Theme 1: Confront long-term challenges

Theme 2: Manage urban change

Theme 3: Harness infrastructure for productivity and growth

Theme 4: Develop regional Victoria

Victorias Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy - Volume 1 - December 2020
Victoria's Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy - Volume 2 - Appendices - December 2020
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