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How do we move Victorians away from petrol- and diesel-powered cars? Join a community panel of 450 Victorians which will work together to provide Infrastructure Victoria with views, experiences and insights to achieve low and zero emissions from private vehicles. Expressions of Interest now open.

Join a community panel to discuss how we can power our vehicles with clean energy in the future.

The transport sector is Victoria’s second most emission intensive sector. It accounts for around 20 per cent of the state’s total carbon dioxide emissions (22.3 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) from a total of 113.9 Mt (CO2e) in 2016).

Cars are the biggest contributor, generating 56 per cent of Victoria’s transport emissions. Unless Victorians adopt low or zero emission vehicles at a faster pace than current trends, we will not reach the state’s legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Infrastructure Victoria is inviting 450 Victorians to get involved in a series of activities between 25 January and 19 February 2021, to explore how we should make the move to low or zero emission vehicles. We are bringing together people of different ages, genders, jobs, cultural backgrounds and postcodes to form a community panel.

The panel will work together to respond to the question: “Victoria will not reach its emissions reduction targets with continued reliance on petrol and diesel vehicles. How should the Victorian Government support more people to adopt low or zero emissions vehicles sooner?”

Participants will hear from subject matter experts and learn why it’s important more of us consider how we power our vehicles in the future. Participants will also take part in online activities where they can ask questions, discuss key themes, share their views and ultimately provide advice to Infrastructure Victoria.

Who are we looking for?

We need a diverse group of Victorians who are broadly representative of the Victorian population. That means people of different ages, genders, jobs, cultural backgrounds and postcodes, who are interested in exploring how we can move away from petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles.

No subject knowledge is required to participate, Infrastructure Victoria is keen to hear from people with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. So, you don’t need to drive an electric vehicle, hydrogen powered or a hybrid, but we would also be more than happy to hear from you if you do.

What is needed to join the community panel?

Participants need to commit approximately a total of 15 hours during the engagement period (25 January and 19 February 2021). This will involve attending webinars, discussions with your fellow panel members and completing some activities and reading in your own time.

All activities will be conducted online, and we will support participants to access the activities to ensure anyone can take part.

If you have more question about the Community Panel, please email

How to get involved?

To register your interest to be one of the 450 panel members, complete the Expression of Interest form by 11 December 2020. We will let you know about the outcome of your EOI by 18 December 2020.

For information to be provided in a specific language, contact us at

For hearing or speech support from the National Relay Service call, 1300 555 727


Expression of interest nomination opens

9 November 2020

Expression of interest nomination closes

11 December 2020

Notification of successful participants

14 - 18 December 2020

Engagement process

25 January - 19 February 2021

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