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Infrastructure Victoria News

How cycling to work could wheely help our city

Encouraging more people to travel around inner Melbourne by bike or on foot is a key driver in getting the city moving again…pardon the pun.  Cycling and walking are great for health and wellbeing. Doing either for just 30 minutes a day, five days a week, can significantly reduce the disease burden from physical inactivity. But there also […]

Flexible work times, protected bike lanes and permanent off-peak fares can cut congestion and get Melbourne moving safely again

Flexible start and finish times, safer cycling infrastructure, permanently cheaper fares for buses and off-peak travel are needed to reduce Melbourne’s worsening congestion and get Melbourne moving again as workers return to the city. New modelling by the state’s independent infrastructure body shows congestion in inner Melbourne could reduce average vehicle speeds by 20-30% compared […]

Improving resilience in the face of emergencies

Summer is here, and with it brings hot days, extreme weather and an increased risk of bushfire.   This year more than ever we have seen just how important it is for Victoria’s infrastructure to be resilient in the face of emergencies and disasters, such as bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Keeping communities safe and functioning during emergencies and disasters is […]

Victoria’s circular, zero-waste future explained

We’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘Circular Economy’ a few times this year. But what does it actually mean?  A circular economy is all about avoiding waste by reusing and recycling, which can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption.  By creating a circular economy, Victoria can manage its own waste and develop a thriving […]

Infrastructure strategy prepares Victoria for transformative change

Victorians will need to continue to embrace new ways of living and working in the face of significant technological and environmental disruption, according to Infrastructure Victoria’s draft 30-year strategy released today. Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Michel Masson said Victoria can recover from the shocks of 2020 and meet future challenges by planning for change and […]

What will it take to move Victorians away from petrol and diesel to power our cars?

Infrastructure Victoria is convening an online community panel to consider what measures are needed to move Victorians away from petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles. The independent infrastructure advisory body is calling for 450 ‘everyday’ Victorians to participate in an online community panel which will inform recommendations to be included in the state’s updated 30-year infrastructure strategy, […]

Fair Move: Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne webinar

Earlier this week Infrastructure Victoria held a webinar to discuss findings of its latest report, Fair Move, Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne which looks at how to make Victoria’s public transport system cheaper, safer and fairer in the short to medium term and supports our ongoing research into the benefits of transport network pricing. […]

What will the future of infrastructure look like? CEO Michel Masson speaks with Monash Future Thinkers

Infrastructure Victoria’s CEO, Michel Masson was guest speaker on the latest Monash Future Thinkers podcast to discuss the future of infrastructure. Speaking with Monash Future Thinkers Committee Member, Sarah Sullivan, Michel discussed important issues about the future of infrastructure and the current environment including how Melbourne’s Central Business District will look after the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Cheaper, fairer public transport to kickstart Melbourne’s economy

Cheaper fares during off-peak times would make travel fairer and safer, encouraging Melburnians back to public transport as restrictions ease, the state’s independent infrastructure advisory body says. Infrastructure Victoria’s Fair Move: Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne report finds up to 71% of Melburnians would pay less than they do today if public transport fares […]

Infrastructure Victoria presents recycling advice to VLGA

Infrastructure Victoria featured on this week’s VLGA connect webinar series presenting our recent advice to the Victorian Government on Recycling and Resource Recovery Infrastructure. Deputy CEO, Jonathan Spear delivered a presentation on the advice, recommendations, and opportunities to support the recycling and resource recovery sector in Victoria, followed by a live Q&A session with Project […]

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