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More aquatic centres could help address swimming skills gap

For many of us, swimming lessons were a childhood rite of passage, akin to learning to ride a bicycle. Heading to the local pool offered both fun and the building of a foundational skill and, if we were lucky, an icy pole at the end. But did you know that one in four Australians consider […]

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Coastal risks need mitigating

Stretching more than 2000 kilometres, Victoria’s sprawling coastlines are treasured assets visited by millions each year, and a place that one in five of us call home. While the pandemic has seen more Victorians take advantage of the lifestyle benefits of a sea change, recent events show these places are increasingly exposed to the impacts […]

The (B)ins and outs of recycling

  How well do you understand recycling? Do you know what material goes in which bin and why?  Maybe you’re a dedicated backyard composter, reusable cup enthusiast or a conscious consumer on a mission to eliminate plastic waste.   But did you know that what you can and can’t recycle can differ from council to council?   For example, a number of councils actually […]

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Liveable cities a priority

  Predictions Melbourne’s growth areas could run out of land by 2036 should not alarm the homebuyers of the future. Any rush to extend the city’s urban boundary, without considering its impacts on liveability, sustainability and infrastructure provision, is of much greater concern. Forty-eight per cent of new homes were built in Melbourne’s new growth […]

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Room for improvement in energy efficiency of Victorian rentals

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Victoria’s rental homes are typically less energy efficient than owner-occupied properties. About 1 in 3 homes are rentals, so improving their energy efficiency is a no-brainer. Renters would save money on their energy bills, and the property may be more appealing – but there’s another big winner: the environment. Better energy […]

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Government infrastructure plan released in response to 30-year infrastructure strategy

Infrastructure Victoria, the state’s independent advisory body, welcomes the release of the Victorian Government’s five-year infrastructure plan. The plan responds to the 30-year infrastructure strategy developed by the advisory body, Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021–2051, which was presented to the Victorian Parliament in August this year. In its second cross-sectoral strategy, Infrastructure Victoria made 94 recommendations […]

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Working from home will spur city jobs and longer commutes

Victorians who can work from home will live further away from their workplaces but the central city’s dominance as a strong employment centre will be reinforced, new long-term modelling by the state’s independent infrastructure body finds. Infrastructure Victoria Acting CEO Jonathan Spear said: “Speculation is rife about the COVID-19 pandemic’s longer-term effects on Victoria’s cities […]

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Social infrastructure for Melbourne’s growth areas: webinar

Population growth is rapidly outstripping the supply of vital social infrastructure in Melbourne’s seven fastest growing local government areas. It’s why we’ve recommended the Victorian Government increase funding to support local governments to plan and deliver new libraries and aquatic centres in Melton, Cardinia, Casey, Hume, Mitchell, Whittlesea and Wyndham over the next five years. […]

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Harnessing the competitive strengths of Victoria’s regions

Victorians living regionally have been through a lot in recent years. Devastating bushfires, floods, droughts and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have taken a heavy toll on regional and rural Victorians, their communities, environments and infrastructure. But with every challenge comes opportunity, as time and time again regional Victorians have shown their resilience and ability to […]

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Let’s make public transport fares cheaper to get Melbourne moving again

The next time you touch on your Myki, consider this: up to 70% of peak bus services are running at less than a third of their capacity. Despite this, we charge the same fare for these buses as we do for long distance train commutes during peak hour. The price for a metropolitan, zone 1 […]

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