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Infrastructure Victoria News

Fair Move: Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne webinar

Earlier this week Infrastructure Victoria held a webinar to discuss findings of its latest report, Fair Move, Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne which looks at how to make Victoria’s public transport system cheaper, safer and fairer in the short to medium term and supports our ongoing research into the benefits of transport network pricing. […]

What will the future of infrastructure look like? CEO Michel Masson speaks with Monash Future Thinkers

Infrastructure Victoria’s CEO, Michel Masson was guest speaker on the latest Monash Future Thinkers podcast to discuss the future of infrastructure. Speaking with Monash Future Thinkers Committee Member, Sarah Sullivan, Michel discussed important issues about the future of infrastructure and the current environment including how Melbourne’s Central Business District will look after the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Cheaper, fairer public transport to kickstart Melbourne’s economy

Cheaper fares during off-peak times would make travel fairer and safer, encouraging Melburnians back to public transport as restrictions ease, the state’s independent infrastructure advisory body says. Infrastructure Victoria’s Fair Move: Better Public Transport Fares for Melbourne report finds up to 71% of Melburnians would pay less than they do today if public transport fares […]

Infrastructure Victoria presents recycling advice to VLGA

Infrastructure Victoria featured on this week’s VLGA connect webinar series presenting our recent advice to the Victorian Government on Recycling and Resource Recovery Infrastructure. Deputy CEO, Jonathan Spear delivered a presentation on the advice, recommendations, and opportunities to support the recycling and resource recovery sector in Victoria, followed by a live Q&A session with Project […]

Victorian Local Governance Association webinar

Infrastructure Victoria CEO, Michel Masson spoke to Chris Eddy on a recent VLGA webinar talking about our latest work, preparing for a post-VOVIC-19 world, and the role of local government in helping shape the infrastructure agenda. Watch the video here:

Good Move: Infrastructure Victoria partners with Committee for Melbourne on transport webinar

Earlier this week Infrastructure Victoria partnered in a joint webinar with Committee for Melbourne to discuss our latest research paper Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion that demonstrates an illustrative model of how transport network pricing could work in Victoria. The event was chaired by Committee for Melbourne’s CEO Martine Letts and included a presentation of […]

Public transport, quality urban design and green open space top Melburnians’ wish list for creating better urban communities

New findings from Infrastructure Victoria show Melburnians are willing to embrace greater urban density if the area has good access to public transport, quality urban design and green open space. Infrastructure Victoria worked with a diverse group of residents from Footscray, Camberwell and Heidelberg to understand community views on the concept of density done well. […]

Victorian recycling needs $1 billion investment by 2039 to close the loop on waste

Victoria can transform its resource and recycling sector to recover up to 90% of our waste with $1 billion of investment in infrastructure from both government and the private sector by 2039. Advice from Infrastructure Victoria released today suggests upgrading or building new processing infrastructure for six priority materials – plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, organics, […]

Infrastructure Victoria delivers final recycling and resource recovery advice to Government

Infrastructure Victoria has today delivered its final advice to government on how we can build a stronger and more sustainable recycling and resource recovery industry for Victoria, following 12 months of extensive research and consultation across government and industry. It recommends 13 key actions that are available now to ensure we meet the challenge of […]

Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure

Infrastructure Victoria is pleased to have provided its advice to government on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure. It follows a request from the Special Minister of State in April 2019 for Infrastructure Victoria to develop independent advice on how we can build a better recycling and resource recovery industry for Victoria. The timing of the […]

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