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Webinar: Our home choices

  Our home choices: how more housing options can make better use of Victoria’s infrastructure  Buying into Victoria’s housing market is becoming increasingly challenging. Households on moderate incomes, many of which are families and first home buyers, are being locked out of Melbourne’s middle suburbs, pushing them further away from jobs, schools and public transport, […]

More 3 and 4-bedroom homes needed in Victorian cities to give more choice to first home buyers and families

Fast-tracking planning approval for high-quality townhouses, better standards for low-rise apartments and targets for new homes in each Melbourne local government area are among reform options proposed by the state’s independent infrastructure advisory body. Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Officer Dr Jonathan Spear said many areas in established parts of Melbourne and regional cities, such as […]

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Webinar: Reducing emissions and adapting infrastructure for Victoria’s changing climate

Our changing climate impacts the lives of all Victorians. The increasing frequency of bushfires, flooding and other extreme weather events require us to think differently about adapting our infrastructure. Recent events, like large grass fires and flooding across northern Victoria, demonstrate the need for proactive adaptation of infrastructure to prevent injuries, loss of life, and significant […]

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Help set the direction for Victoria’s next infrastructure strategy

We’re calling on all Victorians to help set the direction for the state’s next 30-year infrastructure strategy.    Every 3 to 5 years, Infrastructure Victoria delivers an independent strategy to Parliament on how to get the best use from the state’s existing infrastructure and deliver new infrastructure where it is needed most.    As Victoria continues to […]

A fairer, safer, integrated transport system is on the way for Victorians

Looking upward to see clear skies, without a flying car or hover craft in sight, it’s tempting to think popular culture lied to us about how we would travel around our cities in 2023.  Back to the Future predicted that flying cars and hovercraft would exist in 2015. Eight years later we are yet to […]

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Melbourne can make much more of its bus network

  Much more could be made of greater Melbourne’s extensive bus network, according to a new discussion paper released by the state’s independent infrastructure advisory body. “With the right route design, cheaper fares and more frequent services, buses can deliver safe, affordable public transport where it is needed most,” Infrastructure Victoria CEO Dr Jonathan Spear […]

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Making the most of Melbourne’s buses: webinar

Melbourne’s growth areas and outer suburbs are predicted to be home to around half of the city’s residents within the next decade. As Melbourne continues to grow, more can be made of Melbourne’s extensive bus network to ease congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve access to safe, reliable and affordable transport. Watch a panel […]

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Drought, fire and floods. How is the Victorian water sector planning for a changing climate?

Many people recall the need for tough water restrictions in the early 2000s as drought conditions hit Victoria and other parts of the country hard. Households, businesses, and industry responded positively to the need to conserve water with permanent water-saving rules and increased planning around alternative water supply sources. Victoria’s history of drought, fire and […]

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Webinar: Water infrastructure in a changing climate

Victoria faces more extreme weather events and continued population growth in coming decades. This makes it critical we get the best use of existing and future water infrastructure. Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021–2051 details several recommendations to prepare Victoria for these challenges including considering the use of all potential water supply sources. Infrastructure Victoria also recommended […]

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Can Victoria reach zero-waste?

Victoria has made good progress towards a zero-waste circular economy since changes in international markets saw large amounts of recyclables being stockpiled or sent to landfill.   Two years ago, Infrastructure Victoria made 13 recommendations to the Victorian Government focused on improving the collection and re-use of six priority materials including plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, […]

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