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Webinar: Community insights into Melbourne’s buses


Community insights into Melbourne’s buses 

Melbourne is growing and residential populations are expanding outwards.  The city is expected to accommodate 1 million more residents within the next decade. People living in the city’s outer and growth suburbs need more public transport options close to jobs and services.

For most people, buses are the closest public transport option to home. But many do not know where their local bus goes and buses face tough competition with cars and other public transport. So what do people think of Melbourne buses and what would it take for people to get on board?

Infrastructure Victoria’s latest research into improving Melbourne’s bus network is the largest known study into current community attitudes towards the city’s buses. Next stop: community insights into Melbourne’s buses shows Melburnians would be more likely to travel on the city’s under-utilised bus network if services were faster, cheaper and more frequent.

Watch the recording from our webinar from our webinar below, including audience Q&A and you can view the slide pack here.

The discussion covered a range of areas, including the role of buses in unlocking greater travel choice, improving transport equity, as well as easing road congestion and pressure on other public transport. Facilitated by Infrastructure Victoria Deputy CEO Allison Stewart, the conversation included Anita Ganguly, Research Director at Quantum Market Research and Peter Kartsidimas, Director Research and Policy at Infrastructure Victoria.

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