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The great tree sea change – what does it mean for where people choose to work and live: webinar

With more of us working from home more often since the onset of the pandemic, Victorians now have greater flexibility over where they choose to live and where they work. Those who can work from home do not need to commute as frequently, and this has created opportunities to live in locations considered ‘too far away’ for daily trips to and from the office.

But what does this population dispersal mean for growth across Melbourne and how will people’s housing choices impact how we plan for and deliver infrastructure and services? Watch this panel of experts dissect what the working from home evolution means for land use planning, jobs growth and the future of the city centre.

The panel includes Melanie Davern, Director of the Australian Observatory at the RMIT Centre for Urban Research; Leanne Hodyl, Managing Director of urban design practice Hodyl & Co; Jeremy Reynolds, university lecturer and former Victorian Government planning department leader and Bronwen Clark, Chief Executive Officer of the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA).

For more, check out Infrastructure Victoria’s research, which uses integrated land use and transport modelling to help us better understand how an ongoing preference for working from home, for those who can, might influence how Victorians live, work and commute in the future.

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