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What will the future of infrastructure look like? CEO Michel Masson speaks with Monash Future Thinkers

Infrastructure Victoria’s CEO, Michel Masson was guest speaker on the latest Monash Future Thinkers podcast to discuss the future of infrastructure.

Speaking with Monash Future Thinkers Committee Member, Sarah Sullivan, Michel discussed important issues about the future of infrastructure and the current environment including how Melbourne’s Central Business District will look after the COVID-19 pandemic and how infrastructure policy decision-making will be impacted.

When asked about the short-term impacts of COVID-19, Michel shared his views about the vital role of the infrastructure sector in helping economic recovery now and in the future. Michel and Sarah also discussed the behavioural changes impacting the way we work and the new hybrid model going forward, as well as the concept of the 20-minute city and the importance of green infrastructure.

Michel highlighted that 70% of the infrastructure we need in the future already exists and the importance of getting the most out of existing assets, which was first recommended in Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy.

To learn more, listen to the full podcast episode here:


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