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Good Move: Infrastructure Victoria partners with Committee for Melbourne on transport webinar

Earlier this week Infrastructure Victoria partnered in a joint webinar with Committee for Melbourne to discuss our latest research paper Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion that demonstrates an illustrative model of how transport network pricing could work in Victoria.

The event was chaired by Committee for Melbourne’s CEO Martine Letts and included a presentation of the key findings from Infrastructure Victoria Deputy CEO Jonathan Spear followed by a panel session with Allison Leighton from City of Melbourne, Peter Kartsidimas from RACV and Moses Lee of Infrastructure Victoria.

The panel agreed that changes to Melbourne’s transport system were necessary. Committee for Melbourne CEO Martine Letts said ‘The Committee for Melbourne has long said that Melbourne needs an integrated transport plan which provides quality access for Greater Melbourne to ensure it remains a prosperous, liveable city. We therefore support a policy which factors user-pay pricing into future planning. What’s important is that we bring the community along with us’.

During the discussion the panellists also spoke about transport congestion post COVID-19, how countries around the world have successfully implemented transport pricing reform, Melbourne’s bus network, active transport including walking and bike paths and what needs to be in place for the roll out of transport network pricing to happen here in Victoria.

Our latest paper Good Move: Fixing Transport Congestion is an important part of our research that will form the evidence base and recommendations for our draft 30-year infrastructure strategy which will be released in the second half of 2020. The final strategy will be delivered to Parliament in 2021.

You can read the report here or watch the webinar here: 

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