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Fixing transport congestion a good move for Victoria

Infrastructure Victoria today released new research that shows behaviour change is the best solution to reduce growing congestion and crowding on Victoria’s roads and public transport, as well as getting more out of our transport system.

The report Good move – fixing transport congestion shows that a comprehensive change to the pricing of roads, public transport and parking is key to motivating people to change their time and mode of travel, resulting in a more efficient and fairer system for all Victorians.

This new work also shows that up to 85% of Victorians could pay less for transport, when concessions and subsidies are included to ensure the approach is fair and equitable. The cost of these would be more than offset by a more efficient and better utilised transport system.

The research brings together new transport modelling, international case studies and community opinion that establishes strong evidence for comprehensive reform of our transport pricing system.

Read the report here:

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