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People have spoken on Victoria’s infrastructure options

People have spoken on Victoria’s infrastructure optionsInfrastructure Victoria has today published the reports of its two citizen juries, along with a report of the consultation program for its All things considered options paper.

Infrastructure Victoria CEO Michel Masson said consultation was a crucial element of the development of Victoria’s first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy.

“Consultation is critical to our strategy, because we think the people that will be impacted by our recommendations should have a voice,” Mr Masson said.

“Today we are publishing the inputs to our consultation program to ensure we are absolutely transparent about the feedback we have heard and will be considering as we develop our strategy.

“We have undertaken an extensive consultation program because we want our strategy to reflect a broad community view and be something people can support and feel ownership of.

“During our four-week consultation period, we had more than 24,000 people visit our website, we received 260 formal submissions and we met with stakeholders from all levels of government, the private sector and non-government organisations across Victoria.”

Mr Masson said the citizen juries were an innovative component of the consultation program.

The juries, one regional and one metropolitan, were each made up of about 40 people randomly selected to consider how best to address Victoria’s infrastructure needs.

These juries met six times over a three month period to consider evidence, hear from experts and deliberate on over 200 options including projects and policy initiatives. Both juries met for the final time on Saturday 30 July and delivered a report of recommendations to Infrastructure Victoria.

Infrastructure Victoria will now consider the recommendations of the juries, along with all other feedback provided through the consultation program, in the development of the draft strategy.

Mr Masson said Infrastructure Victoria appreciated the work of the jurors, and the feedback of everyone who participated in the broader consultation program.

“We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this important conversation, including those who attended our roundtables and briefings and everyone who made a formal submission or completed our online survey.

“The citizen juries invested an incredible amount of time and effort to the process and we are extremely grateful for their input.”

Mr Masson said Infrastructure Victoria would provide a response to the juries recommendations alongside the draft strategy at the start of October.

“We will be absolutely clear about which citizen jury recommendations we have accepted and those we haven’t,” Mr Masson said.

The citizen juries’ reports, along with a report of consultation activity, are available online here.

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