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Everything on the table in the 30-year infrastructure strategy

Everything on the table in the 30-year infrastructure strategyInfrastructure Victoria has today released its options paper All things considered putting forward over 200 ideas to address Victoria’s infrastructure needs over the next 30 years.

The independent infrastructure authority is inviting Victorians to have their say on the options as it prepares Victoria’s first ever statewide, cross-sector infrastructure strategy.

While the options includes major projects – such as freeways, airport rail, nuclear energy, and high speed rail – Infrastructure Victoria’s CEO Michel Masson said the paper is not solely focused on building new things.

“We want to find better ways to manage demand and get more out of our existing infrastructure before we build new infrastructure,” Mr Masson said.

The options paper also considers initiatives such as transport pricing, school zoning and mobile policing, as well as reforms to overhaul current planning laws, share public facilities and partner with the private sector to deliver government services.

“At this stage, everything is on the table and up for consideration, so we haven’t shied away from options that might be controversial or unpopular,” Mr Masson said.

“However, it is important to remember these are options, not recommendations.”

“We know we can’t do everything so community feedback will be important to help us understand what people support, what we have missed and how we should prioritise options.”

Infrastructure Victoria has drawn on evidence from the public sector, private sector and academia to identify and assess options.

“Some of the options have been put forward previously while others are new ideas that have been successfully implemented elsewhere or are responding to future trends,” he says.

Infrastructure Victoria has also undertaken its own preliminary assessments of each option to measure their contribution and their cost.

“We’ve looked at the economic, social and environmental costs and benefits, how different options work together and how well they stand up to different future scenarios – since we know the future is uncertain,” he said.

Infrastructure Victoria is urging the community to visit from 5pm today to complete a survey or make a submission. Consultation will run until Friday 17 June.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for all Victorians to have a say over the future of the state,” says Mr Masson.

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