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Citizen juries making their voice heard

Citizen juries making their voice heardInfrastructure Victoria’s citizen juries will meet for the second time this weekend as they deliberate on what should be done to meet Victoria’s infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Victoria CEO Mr Masson said the two juries – one regional and one metropolitan – were an important part of the organisation’s community consultation program for its 30-year infrastructure strategy.

“The reports of both juries will be considered by Infrastructure Victoria as a key input into the 30-year infrastructure strategy,” Mr Masson said.

“The juries are one way we can capture the views of the community in our strategy.

“This is a unique and powerful opportunity for everyday people from all walks of life to help shape the future of our state.”

Citizen juries bring together randomly selected people to deliberate on a problem. Infrastructure Victoria is asking the juries to consider the question:  What should we do to meet Victoria’s infrastructure needs? Like a court jury, they will consider evidence and hear from experts before delivering a verdict.

Jury members were recruited through a random selection process. The two juries will meet over six Saturdays between April and July before each delivering a report of recommendations.

The unedited recommendations of both juries will be published on the Infrastructure Victoria website.

“This is a relatively new and innovative engagement approach that will allow the community to contribute in a meaningful way and it’s an exciting element of our community consultation program,” Mr Masson said.

Mr Masson said the rest of Victoria had an opportunity to participate in consultation on the strategy via the consultation website.

“We want our 30-year strategy to reflect a broad community view of what is important,” Mr Masson said.

“Infrastructure affects everybody, everyday so it’s only right that people have a say in the decisions that will impact them over the next 30 years.

“Our consultation program is not just about the juries, it’s about giving all Victorians a chance to have their voice heard,” he said.

To learn more about Infrastructure Victoria, the citizen juries and the development of the 30-year infrastructure strategy visit

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