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The aim of Infrastructure Victoria’s research on Transport Network Pricing is to examine ways to get the most efficient use out of the transport network. Our research includes using a new approach to transport modelling to understand how people move around Melbourne and identifying measures to better manage Melbourne’s transport demand.

The program is building on the work undertaken for Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy, which included a recommendation for transport network pricing to be implemented in 5-15 years, and discussion papers The road ahead and Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion.

The Five-year focus paper identified key problem areas now and in the future on Melbourne’s transport network and examined what can be done over the next five years to improve travel time and reliability.

To cope with the growth in transport demand in the short term, Infrastructure Victoria developed a package of recommendations for government which are practical, low cost, could be delivered quickly and build on existing measures that have proven effective. Key recommendations were:

  • expand off-peak fares on the metropolitan public transport network
  • expand and increase the car parking levy
  • maximise opportunities to encourage travel behaviour change during disruptions to the transport network
  • overhaul existing bus services, expanding successful routes and replacing poor performing routes with low cost, customer-responsive services
  • establish a transparent fare-setting regime
  • better allocate road space to prioritise efficiency on identified movement corridors
  • increase investment to introduce additional bus services in areas of high demand
  • prioritise active transport investment to high potential areas
  • improve road connectivity on parts of the network where private vehicle use works best.

To find out more about Infrastructure Victoria’s recommendations, download Five-year focus.

Some of Infrastructure Victoria’s work on transport network pricing uses the Melbourne-based activity model, a first for Australia. Click here to read more about the model.

In February and March 2019, Infrastructure Victoria convened a community panel to consider changing the way Victorians pay for the transport network. The panel of 38 Victorians worked together over four weeks to consider the question: Under what conditions, if any, would the community accept a change in the way Victorians pay for roads and public transport? The community panel detailed eight conditions under which they would accept a change to the way they paid for roads and public transport.

Read the community panel’s report for more details.


November 2016

Publication of discussion paper 'The road ahead'

December 2016

Release of 30-year infrastructure strategy with recommendation to introduce transport network pricing within 5-15 years

December 2017

Release of new research into Melburnians' travel patterns and preferences

April 2018

Publication of 'Five-year focus: immediate actions to tackle congestion' discussion paper

February/March 2019

Community panel considered changing the way Victorians pay for the transport network

Late 2019

Release of next paper on transport network pricing

Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion - April 2018
Consultation report - The road ahead - July 2017
Transport network pricing paper - The Road Ahead - November 2016
Transport Network Pricing Community Panel Report
Infrastructure Victoria Community Panel Background Report - February 2019
The road ahead fact sheet - 2016