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The 30-year infrastructure strategy

Listen to our CEO Michel Masson discussing the update of the 30-year infrastructure strategy:

Infrastructure Victoria has published Growing Victoria’s Potential, a discussion paper examining the challenges and opportunities of Victoria’s population growth. It is the first discussion paper in the update of Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy.

Underpinning the paper is a package of research we have developed over the past year. This includes an examination of the cost of infrastructure provision in different development settings and regional and metropolitan profiles which outline the unique strengths and challenges in different parts of Victoria.

We developed Victoria’s first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy in 2016.  This statewide, evidence-based strategy covers all types of infrastructure and was developed in consultation with stakeholders and the community.

We will release an updated 30-year infrastructure strategy in 2020.

Updating the strategy is important to ensure our advice on Victoria’s infrastructure needs and priorities remains current, reflects changes in policy settings and responds to emerging challenges.

Responding to the challenges and opportunities of Victoria’s record population growth will be the focus of the 2020 strategy. It will present a vision for how Victoria could accommodate and capture the benefits of growth over the next 30 years and identify the infrastructure initiatives required to achieve this future. Improving the integration of land use infrastructure and transport planning will be central to the strategy.

We will identify the top infrastructure priorities for each of Victoria’s regions to reduce disadvantage and build on economic strengths while addressing environmental risks.

Using the 2016 strategy as a starting point, the 2020 strategy will draw on the latest evidence, take account of new government initiatives and consider fresh feedback from stakeholders and the community to make new recommendations. It will stay true to our 2016 guiding principles including consulting and collaborating, drawing on compelling evidence, considering non-build solutions first and being open to change.

We will publish a draft strategy in early 2020 for an eight week period of formal consultation with the community and stakeholders.

The final 30-year strategy will be delivered to Parliament in mid-2020.

View the Resources page to see current and past fact sheets, reports and assessments.

You can also view the 2016 30-year Infrastructure Strategy and learn more here.


December 2016

Completion of Victoria's first ever statewide, cross-sector 30-year infrastructure strategy

October 2017

Release of the Victorian Infrastructure Plan, the Victorian Government's response to our 30-year strategy

Throughout 2019

Work to update 30-year infrastructure strategy

April 2019

Release of Growing Victoria's Potential - the first release to support the 30-year infrastructure strategy


Completion and submission to Parliament of the updated 30-year infrastructure strategy

Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy - December 2016
Growing Victoria's Potential - April 2019
EY Sweeney - 30-year strategy objectives feedback community survey - December 2018