Advice on automated and zero emission vehicle infrastructure


The Victorian Government has requested Infrastructure Victoria provide advice on the infrastructure required to enable the implementation of automated and zero emission vehicles in Victoria.

The scope of the advice requires Infrastructure Victoria to investigate what infrastructure might be required:

  • to enable the operation of highly automated vehicles
  • in response to the ownership and market models that may emerge from the availability of highly automated vehicles
  • for Zero Emission Vehicles as a high proportion of the Victoria fleet.

The request was made to Infrastructure Victoria by the Special Minister of State on 25 October 2017. Terms of reference provided by the Minister set out the details of the scope of the advice.


The advice is required to be provided in two phases:

  • The first phase will set out the future scenarios that will form the basis of the infrastructure advice, and set out the potential risks and benefits of the scenarios.
  • The second phase of the advice should be a detailed report to the Government on the potential infrastructure requirements for a selection of scenarios. The report will include an analysis of the current situation, recommend delivery pathways and identify key decision or trigger points for the infrastructure.

As set out in the terms of reference, Infrastructure Victoria will undertake comprehensive engagement with industry and other key stakeholders, draw on international comparators and research, and develop its own modelling and analysis to develop the advice.


The first phase of the advice setting our future scenarios is due to the Minister in April 2018, with second and final report due in October 2018.


In February and March 2018 Infrastructure Victoria invited contributions on the target outcomes Victoria should aim to achieve and the key areas that we should consider as we develop this advice. Submissions in this phase are now closed. For more information on the consultation program, or to view the submissions received, please visit the Infrastructure Victoria consultation website.

Later in 2018 Infrastructure Victoria will release an evidence base and invite further input from stakeholders.

For more information

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Terms of reference – Advice from Infrastructure Victoria on automated and zero emission vehicle infrastructure (PDF 96.5KB)