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Providing independent advice

Infrastructure Victoria provides advice to government on specific infrastructure matters when requested. The advice that may be sought includes:

  • assessment of any major infrastructure projects proposed by government or the private sector (market-led proposals)
  • intergovernmental submissions
  • government’s infrastructure plans.

Infrastructure Victoria will report each year in its annual report what matters the government has requested advice on.

See below for a list of current and recent advice projects.

Advice on automated and zero emissions vehicles infrastructure

Advice to government on the infrastructure that may be required to enable highly automated and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

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Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria

Infrastructure Victoria has been asked to provide advice to government on the infrastructure required to support changes to the waste industry in Victoria. In developing the advice, we will engage broadly with industry, stakeholders and community, and the final advice will be delivered in April 2020.

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Advice on securing Victoria’s ports capacity

Infrastructure Victoria’s advice on securing Victoria’s ports capacity.

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