30-year strategy

About the 30-year infrastructure strategy

The delivery of Victoria’s first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy was one of Infrastructure Victoria’s key priorities in 2016. It is statewide, evidence-based, covers all types of infrastructure and has been developed with all Victorians in mind.

The strategy is the result of a year-long conversation with people from all over Victoria. We consulted broadly and widely about how to create a future where everyone has good access to jobs, education and services, where industries and businesses thrive and where the environment is valued.

This strategy sets out a pipeline of initiatives – 137 recommendations – to be delivered over the next three decades to help create the best possible future for all Victorians. Some of these initiatives are new build solutions – state shaping projects that could transform how Victorians live and move. Many other initiatives involve no construction, but could be even more impactful.

It challenges all Victorians to think about how they use infrastructure, to change their behaviour and to be part of the solution. It recommends making better use of what we already have and identifies policy reforms to maximise the benefits of new infrastructure. It advocates not just for construction but for maintenance too.

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Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy (PDF 19.6MB)

Victoria's 30-year infrastructure strategy (accessible Word doc 3.47MB)